Society Policies and Procedures

Society Policies and Procedures

Library Policy:

  • Members are responsible for insuring that the books they check out are checked in by the librarian when they are returned.

  • All books are due at the meeting subsequent to the one at which the book was checked out

  • There will be a $2.00 per month for each overdue book and anyone with a book overdue or who has not paid the overdue fine will not be eligible to check out any other books or tapes.

  • If a book is not returned by the third meeting after being checked out, the person who checked the book out will be billed for the replacement cost.

  • All books are due at the June meeting and no books are to be taken out over the summer.

  • Fines collected will go into a library fund to pay library expenses and buy new books and tapes. A book is overdue immediately after the meeting at which it is due. This is because the rest of the members will not have access to that book until the next meeting.

Recording Club Events:

  • There will be no audio or video taping of any club sponsored events.  The club itself reserves the right to record some special events with permission of those participating.


Paid workshops:

  • Reservations for paid workshops are confirmed when payment is received. Workshop fees are not refundable, but members who have paid but cannot attend may sell their reservation to other members. (The society  usually has a waiting list).

Guests Welcome:

  • Members of other bonsai clubs, guests of members and other interested people who are not members of BSUNY are welcome to attend our meetings and enjoy our programs from time to time. When we have out of town speakers, non-members are asked to pay a fee to help defray the expenses of the program. Anyone who wishes to attend the meetings on a regular basis should become a regular dues paying member.

Members sales at Meetings:

  • Members may bring pre-bonsai plants, pots and other supplies for sale at club meetings. No trained bonsai please. You must set yourself up at a table and arrange to have yourself or someone handy to deal with customers. The club asks for 10% of the sales.