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Magical Technician of Contemporary Bonsai

Magical Technician of Contemporary Bonsai

Masahiko Kimura,a pioneer in the development of new bonsai techniques,reveales through his fiercely beautiful works his deep love for the art of Bonsai.Mr.Kimura has become even more well-known not only in Japan but also throughout the world. Cat.#100011
Kimura, Masahiko

Magician, The Bonsai Art of Kimura

Every bit as good as the first volume. Though both show the master at work, the focus in volume 2 is more on how-to, step-by-step transformations and the thinking that goes into creating some of the world's greatest masterpieces. Master Masahiko Kimura, also known as "The Magician," is the most famous bonsai master ever. Because of his willingness to break with convention, many in Japan refused to take him seriously, at least in the early years. Now, no one disputes Kimura's genius or his pioneering position in the bonsai world. Cat.#200047

Kimura, Masahiko

Maples of The World

There have been very few--if any--books devoted to maples, the genus acer. This truly comprehensive one is the result of 19 years of work by the scholar-authors. The largest section is a proposed revision of the genus, combined with a detailed description of hybrids and cultivars. Other chapters cover such subjects as the history of maple names, maple structure, native habitats and distribution, pests and diseases, propagation, paleobotany and evolution, and reproduction and taxonomy. The book will be of interest to botanists because of its taxonomic and nomenclatural data and its thorough (69-page) bibliography. There are 207 color photographs of significant species and cultivars, as well as 5 black-and-white photos and numerous line drawings. George Cohen Cat.#100010

Van Gelderen, De Jong, Oterdoom
Master Bonsai Techniques: Shaping Techniques, Volume I - video DVD and VHS. Cat.#400079
Rosade, F. Chase

Master Bonsai Techniques: Carving Deadwood, Volume II - video VHS (2 copies) Cat. #400081, 400080

Master Bonsai Techniques: Rock Planting, Volume 3 (2 copies) - video VHS CAt.#400098
Gyllenswan, Marion
Master Bonsai Techniques: Group Planting Bonsai, Volume IV (2 copies) - video VHS Cat.#400097
Valavanis, William N.

Masters' Book of Bonsai

Many lifetimes of experience are represented in this compendium of the techniques practised by the Bonsai masters of Japan today. Cat.#200038

Japan Bonsai Association

Miniature Bonsai

Unlike their larger relatives, these palm-size trees can be potted, shaped, and pruned in only an hour or two, are easy to manage, and require little space. “A guide for the novice that explains the preparation, watering, weeding and seasonal care of bonsai as well as which pests and diseases may affect the plants....A list of 200 plants presents specifics.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Cat.#300058

Gustafson, Herb L.

Mountains in the Sea, The Vietnamese Miniature Landscape Art of Hon Non Bo

No one knows when Hòn Non Bô., or Vietnamese miniature landscape art, began, but creating a scenic landscape in miniature has been a special pastime for Vietnamese people for hundreds of years. The duplication of nature in an artfully reduced scale is now appreciated by many Westerners as well. Lít Phan and Buller’s unique new book is a comprehensive and exciting introduction to this elaborate natural art form that is akin to—but different in essential ways from—the more familiar art of bonsai. Cat.#300064

Van Lit, Phan
Native Treasures - Volume One Cat.#200031
Symmes, Edwin and Rhena

Penjing, The Chinese Art of Miniature Gardens

This book is an English translation of a chinese book on the penjing subject. Penjing; the forerunner of bonsai has a more relaxed form, compared to how japanese people style there trees. Still, as a bonsai enthousiast, I really love this book!Showing how to style trees, work with rocks,constructing rock landscape's and grafting (bud grafting pine!) this book will inspire, even the most advanced bonsai lover. Cat.#300059

Yunhua, Hu

Penjing, Worlds of Wonderment

The study of penjing can benefit both bonsai and Japanese gardening enthusiasts. Mr. Zhao is a living master and this is by far the best Penjing book we have seen. Cat.#100003

Zhao, Qingquan

Post-Dated, The School of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk

Michael’s thoughts and experiences are accurate, informative and well-written. I was captivated by his book and could not put it down until I finished it! -William N. Valavanis Cat.#200044

Hagedorn, Michael

Practical Guide to Bonsai - video VHS

This video is presented in an easy to understand unpretentious style. Dan Barton, Harry Tomlinson, and Colin Lewis do a tremendous job of explaining duties that need to be done, daily, weekly and seasonally. Cat.#400083

Royal Horticultural Society

Practical Rock and Water Garden

Everything you need to know to design and construct a successful rock and water feature in your garden. Inspirational plans of full-scale rock and water gardens, including a slate rock pool, a rock stream, a cobble fountain, a raised pool and a wildlife pond. Practical advice on materials and construction with step-by-step photographic sequences and cross-sectional illustrations for a range of fountains and other water features. Guidance on planting schemes and techniques, propagating plants and dealing with pests and diseases, as well as buying and introducing fish. Cat.#200024

Robinson, Peter

Saikei and Art, Miniature Landscapes

Lew has created a unique book, one any beginning or advanced enthusiast can use as a guide in making plantings that reflect an almost timeless sense of place. Mountain meadows, desert outcroppings, jungles, deciduous forests--no matter where you live, or where your heart resides, with this book and a little patience, you can enjoy building wonderful natural landscapes. Cat.#200022

Buller, Lew

Satsuki Azaleas for Bonsai and Azalea Enthusiasts

This remarkable book presents by far the most expert, detailed information of Satsuki bonsai of any book. It is hard to imagine that we will ever need another book on the subject. Bob Callaham provides us with something never before seen in English; a complete celebration of satsuki, rich with photographs, how-to instructions, fascinating facts, and an unrivaled encyclopedia of over 1,600 cultivars (this alone is worth the book's price). All of this adds up to a rare treasure indeed. Cat.#300061

Callaham, Robert Z.
Satsuki, Satsuki Azalea - video VHS Cat.#400094
Esaka, Yasuki

Serene Gardens

From earliest times, the formal gardens of Japan have represented the mountains and waterfalls, lakes and streams of the natural world. In their reverence for the landscape and the seasons, Japanese gardeners have always made exquisite use of natural materials, such as bamboo, rocks, and pebbles. Having explored the traditional Japanese approach to garden design ( from hill and pond gardens with their islands and bridges, and tea gardens with their stone lanterns and water features, to Zen dry gardens with their use of moss and pebbles) Yoko Kawaguchi shows Western gardeners how to recreate Japanese garden design and detail, whether in a tiny urban setting or a large country plot. Cat.#200027

Kawaguchi, Yoko

Shohin Bonsai, Unlocking the Secrets of Small Trees

Shohin bonsai cost less, take less time to develop, take less space, are easier to move, are less apt to be overwatered, and are a delight to behold. This thorough and beautiful exploration of the art of small bonsai is for experienced bonsai enthusiasts and daring beginners. If you already practice shohin, it will deepen your understanding. If you don't, now is the time to unlock the secrets of small trees. (1) Cat.#200046

Albek, Morten

Step by Step Guide to Growing and Displaying Bonsai

Part art, part horticulture, a properly shaped, trained, and potted bonsai becomes more beautiful with age. Covering every key technique and style, plus cultivation, maintenance, and display, these right-from-the-beginning basics go from root to leaf to bud--the entire lifecycle of a tree. In large, close-up photos, see how they grow, and how to buy and propagate them from seed or cutting. Trim, shape with wire, repot, root prune, and do summer pinching. Most spectacular are the displays, shown in incredibly detailed pictures, with information on preparing them, including choosing a pot.

Lewis and Sutherland

Suiseki & Viewing Stones, An American Perspective

Treasures of the California deserts capture the essence of the unique and beautiful landscapes of the Southwest. Stones from the author's collection found in South Africa, China and Japan illustrate the universal appeal of these miniature natural wonders. An informative book with 60 inspirational color photographs of the author's most prized stones. Cat.#300049

Tucker, Melba L.

Suiseki, An Art Created By Nature

The English preface says,"Numerous books have been written about Suiseki. The Book of Renowned Japanese Suiseki published by kodansha in 1988 and authored by Messrs,Arishige Matsuura and Kinichi Yoshimura,feature 236 renowned stones. The Book and The Systimatic Book of renowned Japanese Bonsai and Suiseki compiled by the Japan Suiseki Association and published in 1986 are comprehensive books that provide systimatic explanation on renowned Suiseki. They are considered the most informative and outstanding books that have been written on Suiseki. This book,Suiseki-the Nyogakuan Collection,has been written to introduce a unique collection of stones established by Nyoakuan according to his concept." Cat.#200023

Nyogakuan Collection

Suiseki, The Japanese Art of Miniature Landscape Stones

Suiseki are stones that have naturally weathered into forms suggestive of mountains, islands, and waterfalls. Highly decorative, these stones are also sophisticated tools for inner reflection. The Japanese have gathered suiseki for centuries, but the art has only become popular in the West in the last decade, especially among bonsai growers. This book is both a general introduction to suiseki and a source of detailed information. It emphasizes strategies for collecting and includes geology, aesthetics, and lists of sites and resources throughout the world. It also explains how to make attractive wooden display bases. Cat.#300073


Timeless Trees

Every aspect of this handsome book expresses a love for bonsai and an equal love for quality. The bonsai are from the U.S. National Bonsai Museum in Washington DC., one of the best bonsai collections outside of Japan. Peter Bloomer's photographs are the next best thing to seeing the trees in person, his knowledge and love of bonsai is evident throughout. Mary Bloomer's text and well chosen quotes from John Naka, Plato, Robert Frost and others, are timely and enjoyable. This one-of-a-kind treasure remains one of the best gallery books around. Cat#100001

U.S. National Bonsai Collection

Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers

The immediate catalyst for this book was a widely publicized tea event in Japan. The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi has long been associated with the tea ceremony, and this event promised to be a profound wabi-sabi experience. Hiroshi Teshigahara, the hereditary iemoto (grand master) of the Sogetsu school of flower arranging, had commissioned three of Japan’s most famous and fashionable architects to design and build their conceptions of ceremonial tea-drinking environments. Source the Author. Cat.#200041

Koren, Leonard
Sorry, no image available World Bonsai Convention, 2005 - Commemorative Album Cat.#100004
North American Bonsai Federation
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World Bonsai Convention, IBC 1993 - video VHS

Introduction with slides followed by two different type plantings using Shimpaku, juniperus chinensis. Cat.#400086

Yoshimura, Yuji
Sorry, no image available

World Bonsai Convention, IBC 1993 - video VHS

Planting a 111-tree Florida elm, Ulmus americana var. floridana forest. Cat.#400087

Naka, John
Sorry, no image available World Bonsai Convention, IBC 1993 - video VHS Cat.#400088
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World Bonsai Convention, IBC 1993 - video VHS

Planting a 39 - tree Stewartia monadelpha forest. Cat.#400089

Kato, Saburo